SD Gundam G-generation Spirit [CODE][PS2]

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SD Gundam G-generation Spirit

code breaker

Master code
F0100208 0000000E

(Master Code)*สำรอง
F8CE7CC5 E3D96393

F0100208 0000000E
FA7A006C 32D0889A

With CAPITAL fluctuation maximum
2059AF78 24010000
2059AFB8 24010000

Halo score
203626B0 3C020002

EN it does not decrease
203021C8 00021000

Unit acquisition EXP n time
203CB288 0005XXXX

9040: 2 times
9080: 4 times
90C0: 8 times
9100: 16 times
9140: 32 times
9180: 64 times
91C0: 128 times

Pilot acquisition EXP n time
203D1FD4 0005XXXX


8040: 2 times
8080: 4 times
80C0: 8 times
8100: 16 times
8140: 32 times
8180: 64 times
81C0: 128 times

Halo ranking platinum
20451C54 24010000

Option part everything
204E4F08 24010001
204E4F0C A041000E

Production possible unit full opening
204EC54C 24030001
204EC554 A2230006

Lv dismantling of control when developing
204E11BC 00000000

Acquisition halo point n time
200FF000 8CA30000
200FF004 0003XXXX
200FF008 080D7BCE
2035EF30 0803FC00

CF65: 2 times
1840: 2 times
1880: 4 times
18C0: 8 times
1900: 16 times
1940: 32 times
1980: 64 times
19C0: 128 times

Pilot combat mission dismantling of control
203C38C4 24020000

When Lv it rises, Lv1
203D2020 24020001
* Performance figure does not rise

At the time of LvUp

With grapple UP maximum
203D2228 24030063

With shooting UP maximum
203D2264 24030063

With reaction UP maximum
203D22A0 24030063

With communication UP maximum
203D22DC 2403000F

With steering UP maximum
203D2318 2403000F

With service UP maximum
203D2354 2403000F

With direction UP maximum
203D2390 2403000F

With awakening UP maximum
203D23D4 24030064

At the time of LvUp

Grapple UP value n time
203D2228 246300xx

Shooting UP value n time
203D2264 246300xx

Reaction UP value n time
203D22A0 246300xx

Communication UP value n time
203D22DC 246300xx

Steering UP value n time
203D2318 246300xx

Service UP value n time
203D2354 246300xx

Direction UP value n time
203D2390 246300xx

Awakening UP value n time
203D23D4 246300xx

02: 2 times
03: 3 times
04: 4 times
05: 5 times
0A: 10 times

Max Gold
2059AFBC 00000000

2059AF78 24010000
2059AFB8 24010000

Halo score 65535
203626B0 3402FFFF

EN ไม่ลด
203021C8 00021000

EXP x เท่า
203CB288 0005XXXX


Master Code
EC878530 1456E79B

1CD030A0 3855E7A5
1CD030E0 3855E7A5

Haro Meter 65535
1CA1A9D8 2854B00C

Unlimited EN
1CA7A2F0 1454D7A5

Unit EXP received
1CAB35B0 1459xxxx

5765: 2x normal EXP
5725: 4x normal EXP
57E5: 8x normal EXP
56A5: 16x normal EXP
5665: 32x normal EXP
5625: 64x normal EXP
56E5: 128x normal EXP

Pilot EXP received
1CACA0FC 1459xxxx
6765: 2x normal EXP
6725: 4x normal EXP
67E5: 8x normal EXP
66A5: 16x normal EXP
6665: 32x normal EXP
6625: 64x normal EXP
66E5: 128x normal EXP

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